Feeding Nutritional Dog Food

This is a question that I have been asked on a regular basis since I qualified as a Veterinary Nurse back at the turn of the century! There are so many options, quite literally hundreds of dog foods on the market, so how do you know which one to choose?

To start with, you will want to consider the type of food you want to feed. There are various choices including dry food, wet food, home cooked, raw or you may want to mix it up a bit and feed a combination of types.

You will then need to make sure it meets your dog’s nutritional needs. Foods labelled as complete contain all the nutrients required by a dog to stay healthy, as outlined by European Pet Food Industry Federation (FEDIAF). Complimentary foods, mixers, home prepared diets etc do not meet these criteria making it more difficult to ensure correct nutritional balance is met.

Think about dog food ingredients. Look at labels and look for a clear list of ingredients, the top 3 or 4 in the list will be the main components of the diet. Meat should be at least close to the top of the list as although dogs are omnivorous, meaning they have evolved to gain nutrition from a varied diet, they can digest a meat-based diet much easier. If you want to know more about some of the ingredients in the Gwen’s Choice range of dog foods take a look at our dog food glossary on the website.

Every type of food has its own pros and cons and there is a wide array of opinions surrounding every type of dog food, but the truth is, choosing the right food will have a massive impact on your dog’s health.
Every dog is different so things like size, breed, age, activity level and health, etc, will all have an impact on what type of nutrition your dog needs. What might suit one dog might be quite unsuitable for another and just like all dogs are different, so are their owners. What is considered an important factor to one person will not even be a consideration to another; you will have your own personal preferences to take into account including budget, convenience, and ethical considerations.

It is all these subtle differences which have unfortunately contributed to a dog food market which literally takes advantage of our individuality, where foods are often sold based on clever marketing rather than suitable ingredients and clear labelling. Did you know that most of the well-known dog food brands are owned by only 3 companies – Nestle, Mars and Colgate-Palmolive who between them produce 90% of all pet food sold in the UK!

Gwen’s Paws provides nutritional dog food and treats.

More and more dog owners are becoming aware of this and taking a stand, by choosing independent dog food suppliers like us here at Gwen’s Choice. As an independent dog food business, we know exactly what ingredients are included in our recipes and take pride in the quality of our products. We do not use excessive marketing, in fact you will find that our bags are quite plain and simple, instead we concentrate on providing clear information about our ingredients. We do not only supply quality dog food but provide trusted information and always happy to answer any of your questions to make sure your dog stays fit and healthy. As a small business every sale is important to us, which in turn means we only want the best for you and your dog.


• Choosing the right dog food can be complicated!
• Make sure any diet you chose is nutritionally balanced and suitable for your dog.
• Don’t just look at the pictures and slogans.
• Read the ingredients list.

Dog Food Deliveries

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