Action shots in pet photography are such a challenge but oh so satisfying when you nail THE shot!

A one year old working lab running at full pelt through the long grass or a springer spaniel bounding through water, splashing then shaking with droplets flying everywhere. So many components have to come together to get the perfect image. Let me share a few tips with you…

Get on down & dirty! Being on eye level with your dog will achieve better shots but could possibly leave you mucky, cold & very wet. I can vouch for this.

A very fast shutter speed will give you a fighting chance of a sharp image

This is a two or three person job. Unless your dog is 100% well trained, then trying to juggle keeping a camera still whilst trying to make her/him run in the right direction at the precise moment would be a feat of epic proportions!

Bribery works. Have special value treats on tap.

Try hard to make sure there are no distractions in the background that will distract from your action hero.

However, if you find it too challenging & would like a professional image to keep forever & display on your office wall, I create beautiful action pet portraits capturing that vitality, motion & energy.

These photos are of Oslo the Lab & Charlie the Springer.

Gift vouchers are available!

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